About Neyriz Ghadir

Specifications of Ghadir Neyriz Steel Complex

Complex Name : Neyriz Ghadir Steel Complex

National ID : 14004505206

Economic Code : 4116-6739-5586

Registration Number : 1300

About Neyriz Ghadir Steel Complex

Neyriz Ghadir Steel Complex is one of the most recent iron and steel making plant established in Iran to provide the steel makers with DRI and the rolling mill plant with billet. This complex includes both the iron ore reduction and steel making division where direct reduced iron (DRI), aka sponge iron is the product of the direct reduction of iron ore to iron utilizing a reducing gas. The reducing gas is derived from natural gas turned into H2 and Co and in the course of traveling over Iron ore, it turns into sponge Iron. With a total production of 800,000 tons DRI a year and a very good and approved quality, this plant is among the most efficient and highest performance of its kind. The steelmaking project is currently run to produce around 1,000,000 tons of billet at the time of operation inauguration. Further, the completion of the steel value chain requests the smooth development of relevant plants which has been diligently pursued by NGHSCO. NGHSCO has a vast spectrum of local and foreign customer for DRI product and is ready to provide it’s valuable customer with the best of quality available in market. We value our quality and customers and are well prepared to accommodate novel orders for DRI product.